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7 pairs of line level inputs,  low pass filter (subwoofer output),  remote, front panel 3.5 mm MP3 input, headphone jack with auto mute, motor driven analog volume control, and a phono input-- moving coil capable.  One of the nicest new preamps we've heard.  $695.


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Almost new Parasound preamp sounds great with any power amp. Five inputs including phono stage.    $395


Digital version with USB input, Bluetooth and Wifi        $295.


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Great sounding 2-tube phono preamp design.  Sounds great with the Nobsound

MS-10D integrated tude amp!         $99

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A big heavy and wonderful power amp.  200 watts/channel, nice clean condition.... In the original wooden case.                 $3250.

At 12 watts per channel, this little amp will not be powering any rock concerts. But its clear and concise tube sound will still blow you away, . .



New and Vintage audio equipment for the home. Good sound for everyone.



This amazing new amplifier has great tube sound (20 watts per channel), volume and tone controls, headphone jack, input switch, plus an optional phono preamp, all in a compact package.  Just add a turntable and speakers...        $195-245.

P/HP 850

Gorgeous black amp with oversize meters. Advanced dual mono design, 80 watts per channel, 450 watts into one ohm.  (We have the matching preamp too.)     $2499.

Excellent compact RIAA phono preamp.      $89

Economical, clean sound, and extremely cute!        $59