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Sold this one, but more great big radios

coming soon !  With optional tune-in wireless

so you can play music from your computer

or phone !

And. . .

There are some very nice Henry Kloss-designed radios and receivers for sale in the store from KLH, Advent, and Tivoli.                 $100-500.

New and Vintage audio equipment for the home. Good sound for everyone.

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A beautiful and great-sounding Sansei 9090 solid-state receiver in a nice wooden case. 110 Watts / Channel for just . . .                             $950

Open every day

2pm - 7pm

510 . 528 . 4390

The 7-band Zenith Transoceanic T600 set the standard for portable short-wave receivers. With fresh reproduction batteries, this is a near-mint example.               $450

The super retro Gakken tube radio kit, which sold out some time ago as Gakken's antique tube supply dwindled.  In kit form or built for you.                                          $195-$350.