Now playing! Made from re-claimed wood, the gorgeous U-Turn Special comes in solid maple or walnut.           $459.

Vintage Reel-to-Reel Tape Players, $700-1500

play copies of the original master tapes of your favorite albums


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Beautiful big solid Linear Tracking

turntable from Yamaha. Includes a

new Grado Black cartridge... $725

The new Teac TN-400! Beautiful finishes, 3 speeds, curved tonearm, standard headshell, and lifter, with an onboard switchable preamp and USB output.           $399

 in the store now

The finest belt drive manual and automatic turntables.

New and Vintage audio equipment for the home. Good sound for everyone.

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Great economical belt drive turntable.  Complete with cartridge. Options: tone arm lifter and/or built-in preamp. Made in Boston, USA !!


We have a variety of great vintage turntables by makers like AR, Thorens, Luxman, Dual . . .