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Big Sound from Small Speakers: Audio Engine has figured it out!   Send music wirelessly from phone or computer, AND connect one of our preamp turntables... Come in and listen! --- from $325.

New and Vintage audio equipment for the home. Good sound for everyone.

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As many experts on digital audio will tell you, (confidentially) analog sounds better.

Dollar for dollar, a vinyl record in good condition, played on a good turntable, sounds better than its digital counterpart—! More present, more accurate, more 3 dimensional, more Real!

And more fun. A good 1/4” tape can sound even better! Let us show you…

New and Vintage audio equipment for the home.   Good sound for everyone.

New and Vintage audio equipment for the home. Good sound for everyone.

Mcintosh 2505 Power Amp 2x 50W,  $1395
Mcintosh 2205 Power Amp 2x 105W, $2100
Mcintosh MX-110  tube preamp, $1995

Pioneer 701 1/4" R2R tape deck ,  $750
Pioneer SX980, $935 SOLD

Polk RT 55i speaker pair, $449
Tannoy MX-3 speakers, $279 SOLD

Wharfedale W70C speakers, $595
Yamaha CR 1020 Receiver 80 WPC, $695 

Yamaha CR240 Receiver 20 WPC, $349 SOLD

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Our New Oakland


Berkeley Stereo adds a new connection. OkStereo in Oakland's Jack London Square continues with events and audio . . . and TESLA COILS!

--- from $299

In the Berkeley Store ...

Gorgeous, Great Sounding, Inexpensive turntables from U-Turn!

Some recent items we've had in the store:

Audio Research D-70 amp & SP-8 pre, $1995

B & O RX2 turntable, $359 SOLD

B&W DM-602  speakers, $595 SOLD

Denon DP-30L turntable, $349 SOLD

Dynaco PAS-3 tube preamp, $349 SOLD

​Dynaco 120-A power amp, $195 SOLD

JBL L88  Nova speakers, $995

Jensen TF-3 speakers, $495 SOLD

KEF C40  speakers, $295

​Klipsch Heresy speakers, $750

Klipsch KG-5 speakers, $750 SOLD



A passion

for vinyl

Berkeley Stereo always has a fine selection of vintage audio equipment. Our stock changes frequently. Please visit out instagram and facebook feeds to see the latest items we have in the store!

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Our Great Selection of fine vintage equipment!  

Our Service Department

With 5 technicians, including specialists in  transistors, tubes and turntables, we can tackle most problems with analog stereo equipment.

We don't charge for initial assessment, and your tech will call you if anything unexpected is encountered.

Please note that repair times can vary when unforeseen problems occur or hard-to-find replacement parts are needed.

Berkeley Stereo can help you put together a great system, based on the kind of music and sound that you like, to fit just about any budget. 

We have lots of outstanding new equipment as well as like-new vintage gear. Stop in and Listen for Yourself…